Nailio Base for Nail Imaging and Capillaroscopy with Red Light (Use with DermLite FOTO-X)

$595.00 (plus $59.50 GST)


The Nailio is a customised attachment that not only allows for ideal imaging of the nail, but also adds a unique red light that allows important vascular features to be visualized. Aside from classic dermoscopy, DermLite Foto X & Nailio may help with differential diagnosis of hematoma vs. melanin pigmentation, differentiating different types of onycholysis, and may be helpful in the management of melanonychia.

Read the paper. (link to PubMed)


  • Nailio stand only - requires the DermLite FotoX Dermatoscope to provide unparalleled portable digital dermoscopy, nail imaging and capillaroscopy
  • Brightness-adjustable red LED, improves visualisation of deep nail structures and capillaries
  • By being able to independently adjust brightness of white and red light, choose the perfect balance to highlight the particular structures you care about
  • Nailio provides a steady platform for your patient's finger or toe and tilts from side to side, allowing you to examine the nail from various angles. It is even possible to examine the distal nail
  • Capture amazing images through your FotoX using any compatible smartphone, tablet or camera
  • Nailio's smooth exterior is easy to keep clean and easy to disinfect
  • For the ultimate in protection, custom-fitted disposable IceCap® Covers slip over its base plate.
  • Includes internal lithium battery to power LEDs
  • Includes USB-C charge cable
  • Made in the USA
  • 10 year warranty. Batteries carry a 1-year warranty 
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