DermLite DL5 Dermatoscope

All-new DermLite DL5

We listened to what you wanted in a dermatoscope and this is the one you've been waiting for!


The latest model from the World's best-selling dermatoscope brand, DermLite, is now here in Australia. With a wider 32mm aspheric lens system and true 10x magnification the DermLite DL5 offers the best view ever. But a quality view is not all - it now includes a wide range of features not seen in any other dermatoscope!

With the world’s first variable polarization system in a hybrid dermatoscope, DermLite® DL5 lets you uncover a whole new layer in handheld dermoscopy.
Not only can you toggle between polarised and non-polarised modes, now you’re able to visualise extremely superficial structures under parallel polarization and, as you scroll through the entire polarization range, optically explore a lesion’s visual depths.
It’s also the world’s first hybrid dermatoscope with 365nm UV. See fluorescing features like never before — assess the efficacy of acne treatment, discover exciting presentations of pigmented, vascular or inflammatory lesions, or visualise bacterial and fungal infections on skin, nail, or mucosa - at full 10x magnification.


DL5's 32 mm lens system with true 10x magnification reveals more than ever.
While setting a new benchmark for up-close resolution, its performance at greater eye distances is their best yet.

LED Torch Screening Mode

Dedicated light for easier exams

Heavy users will love this new torch mode. This high-powered LED provides phenomenal illumination to larger areas or hard-to-reach spots. Screen patients quickly and switch to polarised view at the touch of a button!

Charging Stand with USB Output

Flexible charging options

DL5 charges directly via a USB-C cable, but you can also charge it on the included charging stand. The stand includes storage for infection-control covers (IceCaps) plus it includes a high-powered USB port so you can also charge an additional DermLite or your phone, right on your desk!

Visual Mode Indicators

Quickly see which mode is active

The new DermLite DL5 has a whole new variety of lighting modes. So you know which mode you are using, there are markers on the device along with LED indicators to show exactly which mode you are using!

Need to measure a lesion? Not only does the contact plate include an integrated measuring scale, but the DL5 also comes with an on-board, magnetically attached 100mm ruler. Simply slide it off and its circular markings make it easier than ever to assess a lesion or choose the proper biopsy punch.

Incredible inclusions!

Additional features and capabilities

- Larger, solid and robust construction
- Bigger field of view
- True 10x magnification
- Polarised, non-polarised and linear polarised modes
- Blended polarising feature
- Pigment Boost mode
- 365 nm UV mode
- Torch mode for easy screening
- LED and indicator markings for all modes
- USB-C charging
- Charging stand with IceCap holder and extra USB output
- Leather case and protective covers included
- Secure, removeable contact plate
- Magnetic eyepiece
- Magnetic Connection Clamp included
- More than double the battery life of a DL4
- Removable measuring scales