Pulse Oximeters are a simple-to-use device that measures and displays the amount of oxygen saturation in the blood along with heart rate display. Nonin USA manufacture a range of pulse oximeters for medical professional and home-user applications and DocStock are Nonin's Australian Distributor. As the inventor of the fingertip pulse oximeter, Nonin technology provides excellent accuracy in general use but more importantly, in difficult scenarios like darker pigmented skin types, poor perfusion and desaturation events.


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A pulse oximeter is a device that is used to display the oxygen saturation of the blood, usually on a fingertip. It is a fast and easy non-invasive way of measuring oxygen saturation without invasive and expensive arterial blood gas sampling. It displays saturation values as a percentage as well as the pulse rate (SpO2). They work by shining a special light through the skin which is reflected differently depending on how much oxygen is present. Pulse oximeters are widely used by medical professionals in clinics and hospitals as part of a diagnosis as well as monitoring during surgical procedures but are also routinely used in the management of respiratory diseases and sleep conditions.

Nonin pulse oximeters are manufactured in the USA to the highest standards and Nonin's PureLight sensor technology uses high-quality LEDs and calibrated receptor to eliminate interference from secondary frequencies. Nonin's PureSAT signal processing technology uses powerful filtering to remove noise from weak or low-perfusion signals, providing reliable and accurate readings. PureSAT signal processing eliminates false readings due to patient motion and reduces the time required to obtain a reliable measurement. PureSAT technology uses a smart algorithm that automatically adjusts for three second averaging or faster.

Nonin USA are also a major OEM supplier of pulse oximetry components which means their Nonin PureLight and PureSAT technology are used in a variety of professional medical brands of medical monitors and sleep systems world-wide.