Defibtech Lifeline FULLY-Automated AED Package with 7yr Battery Pack

$1,750.00 (GST Exempt) $1,950.00


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A lightweight and compact AED that's rugged and easy to use.

(Fully-automated Version)


  • Fully-automated version (does not require user to press a shock button)
  • Rubberised grip handle handle for quick grab and go applications
  • Step by step voice instructions along with LED indicators
  • Pads can be pre-connected and tucked into the back of the unit
  • Large, obvious Power-on button
  • Lightweight and durable - meets US Military drop-and-shock speficiations
  • Includes 7-year lithium battery pack and 9v lithium battery
  • Includes 1 of adult electrode pads
  • Includes soft zippered carry case with prep kit
  • 8-year warranty