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Medical Director link for CardioPerfect Workstation 

The following two ZIP files contain of a small installation program which install the files required to facilitate a link between Medical Director 2 or 3, and the Welch Allyn CardioPerfect Workstation Software. The CardioPerfect software connection will then be available under the ECG link in Medical Director.

Medical Director Drivers for ProBP
The following files are the drivers to use this device with Medical Director 3

  1. Ensure that the ProBP device is set to Auto overwrite (Default Setting)
  2. Open Medical Director
  3. Select and Open the patient record in Medical Director
  4. From the Patient's clinical window, select Tools -> Toolbox -> Blood Pressure
  5. Press the Device button on the Blood Pressure tab
  6. Take the Patient's BP with ProBP (this can be done earlier in the process)
  7. Connect ProBP via USB to the computer (this can be done earlier in the process)
  8. Press the Record button within the Toolbox. The last reading on ProBP will then be imported into the Patient's record in Medical Director.

Product Manuals: