DermLite Magnetic Connection for Cameras - Select Filter Size

$85.00 (plus $8.50 GST)


Connect your camera to your DermLite dermatoscope - requires a camera with a lens that accepts threaded filters.

Works with;

  • Dermlite 2 and 3 models - requires metal ring adaptor (included)
  • Dermlite DL1 and HandyScope models
  • Dermlite 200 Hybrid and HR models
  • Dermlite Foto-X
  • Dermlite 4 models
  • DermLite DL5

Cameras that can accept threaded filters generally have the filter size number written on the front of the lens and you need to select the matching filter size for your lens. We recommend a mid-range zoom lens rather than a telephoto, macro lens or ultra wide-angle lens.