LED Headlight Power Kit, Combo Case, 1 x Batt Pack, Blue Filter, ANZ 240V Transformer

$850.00 (plus $85.00 GST)


Add quality light to the exact area you are working on, every-time.


  • Use with Rose Surgical Loupes or attach to a glasses clip or headband for use as a standalone headlight
  • Small, lightweight design
  • Powerful 180lumen LED light source at 5,000oK
  • Constant high-light output, will not fade as power diminishes
  • Includes 1 x rechargeable battery pack
  • Battery pack lasts for at least 6hrs on a full charge, at full output
  • Features a low-power warning and full recharge time is about 3.5hrs
  • Includes blue filter
  • Includes padded protective carry case
  • Includes power transformer with A/NZ 240v adaptor
  • Lifetime warranty on LED assembly, 2 years on light cable and 1 year on battery pack