Prestan Professional Child CPR-AED Training Manikins 4-Pack - with Blue CPR Monitor, 50 lung bags and a nylon carrying case

$995.00 (plus $99.50 GST)
By Prestan


The PRESTAN Professional Child Manikin is realistic to the eye and the touch and is designed to look like a child verses an adult with less prominent body structures and softer, more childlike facial features. Lightweight with fast and simple setup. Equipped with a revolutionary CPR Rate Monitor that allows for instant rate and depth feedback to both the instructor and student.


  • CPR Feedback Rate Monitor
  • Audible chest compression depth indicator
  • Visible chest rise during mouth to mouth resuscitation
  • Patented face/head tilt simulates the way an actual victim’s head would move if CPR is required
  • Unique construction of our manikins helps students use correct force
  • Uniquely designed for easy to attach face shields and open like a clamshell which allows simple and quick insertion of a lung bag
  • Made in the USA
  • 3 year warranty