CryoPro MAXI - 500ml Liquid Nitrogen Flask incl. stand, 5 spray tips, cleaning adapter

$875.00 (plus $87.50 GST) $945.00
By CryoPro


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CryoPro® series of liquid nitrogen cryosurgical treatment units provide outstanding performance in terms of safety, ease of operation and reliability.


  • CryoPro Mini with 500ml capacity for 20-24hrs static holding time
  • Includes set of 4 reusable spray tips for common lesions (1mm, 0.75mm, 0.5mm, 0.37mm) plus a 0.5mm bent spray extension for difficult to reach areas
  • Includes a spray tip cleaning adaptor for cleaning tips
  • Optional contact probes are available
  • Compatible with other brands of probe tips
  • Made in Denmark
  • 3 year warranty