Sentry Asguard® Clear Film Dressings

$12.20 (GST Exempt)

Sentry Asguard® Clear Film Dressings - 4cm x 5cm - Box of 50 is either not in stock today and will be backordered, or may ship directly from the manufacturer. Depending on the product, this may take a few days to a few weeks but we will provide an ETA with your order confirmation or you can contact us for more details.


The Asguard Film Dressing is a transparent polyurethane adhesive film with moisture vapour permeability which adheres to the skin and forms a flexible and comfortable layer. Asguard Film Dressings conform to the skin and allows easy visibility to wound healing. They are ideal for the management of all types of insertion sites to provide a waterproof environment and/or to keep primary dressings in place. 


  • Waterproof - Outer layer protects site from fluid penetration, allowing patient to shower with the dressing in-situ
  • Transparent Film - Allows visualisation of covered tissue
  • Easy Peel Frame - Assists with smooth and easy application

Suitable for;

  • Wounds with little or no exudate
  • Protection and securement of IV lines
  • Dressing protection and reinforcement

Each dressing is individually packed, ready for use, and sterilised by gamma irradiation.