Sentry Osmonate® Calcium Alginate Dressings

$17.30 (GST Exempt)

Sentry Osmonate® Calcium Alginate Dressings - 5cm x 5 cm - Box of 10 is either not in stock today and will be backordered, or may ship directly from the manufacturer. Depending on the product, this may take a few days to a few weeks but we will provide an ETA with your order confirmation or you can contact us for more details.


Calcium Alginate Dressings are a naturally derived gelling fibre dressing suitable for moderate to highly exuding wounds and can assist in haemostasis management. As the dressing gels, it conforms to contours of the wound bed, ensuring a moist wound environment is sustained. Easy removal ensures minimal disturbance to new or fragile tissue.

  • Soft gelling absorption - creates a soft gel layer at the wound bed interface
  • Tissue protection - easily removed by irrigation leaving newly formed tissue undisturbed
  • Haemostatic action - may assist in the control of minor bleeding

Packaged Sterile and suitable for; Moderate to heavily exuding wounds or minor bleeding wounds, Treatment of superficial or deep wounds, Pressure injuries, skin donor sites and ulcers.