A&D Medical Clinical Multi-Function Blood Pressure Monitor

$495.00 (plus $49.50 GST)
SKU: AD-UM-211


A&D Medical's brand new desktop BP monitor, designed for medical professionals.


  • Dual measurement mode (Auscultatory and Oscillometric) - use as a digital blood pressure monitor, or with your stethoscope as a digital sphygmomanometer
  • Cuff holder and grip for carrying
  • Durable and chemical-resistant body
  • Includes professional adult BP cuff (#CUF-KS-A) and large adult cuff (#CUF-KS-LA)
  • Includes BONUS professional large adult BP cuff (#CUF-KS-LA)
  • 3 x additional professional cuff sizes available for use
  • Suitable for patients approx 3 years and older
  • Large LCD display with backlight
  • Rechargeable battery (300 measurements at full charge)
  • Includes battery charger
  • Adjustable inflation pressure (AUTO/220/250/280)
  • Irregular HeartBeat (IHB) indicator
  • BP accuracy of +/-3mmHg, +/-5% for pulse
  • Room temperature display
  • 3-year warranty