A&D Medical UA-Series Adult Cuff with Blue plug in display box, 22-32cm

$30.00 (plus $3.00 GST)


Suits an upper arm circumference of 22-32 cm.

Suits the following models;

  • UA-704, UA-705
  • UA-611, UA-621, UA-631, UA-651, UA-651SL
  • UA-651BLE (with older BLUE socket only)*
  • UA-767S, UA-767S-W, UA-767F, UA-767F-W, UA-767NFC, UA-767PBT, UA-767PBT-C, UA-767PBT-Ci
  • UA-774, UA-779
  • UA-782
  • UA-787, UA-787Plus
  • UA-851, UA-852, UA-853, UA-854, UA-855
  • UA-1010, UA-1020
  • UA-1030T, UA-1030T-W (with older BLUE socket only)*

* If device listed above has the newer GREEN/DARK GREY socket for the BP cuff, use the new ISO Cuffs with Black plug instead.