DermLite DL1 Basic Dermatoscope with MagnetiConnect Clamp Adaptor

$565.00 (plus $56.50 GST)


The all-new DL1: highly compressed performance.


  • About the size of a stick of gum
  • Clips to your shirt
  • 4 white LEDs
  • Same lens size as a DL100
  • Cross-polarised Glass faceplate with 10 mm scale
  • Lithium battery recharges from any laptop or PC
  • Takes superb images with your smartphone
  • Use with your choice of app including DermEngine (iOS or Android) or FotoFinder (iOS or Android)
  • Includes USB cable and MagnetiConnect Clamp Adaptor
  • Compatible with the full range of standard phone and camera attachment options
  • Made in the USA
  • 5-year warranty (Batteries carry a 1-year warranty)