DermLite Lumio 2 Skin Examination Device with 5 Lighting Modes

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Lumio 2 is the next generation in general skin exam illumination. By combining brightest-in-class polarized white light, three wavelengths in the UV spectrum, a special Wood mode, and special optical filters in a beautifully slim, quickly rechargeable device, Lumio 2 is the ultimate tool for visualizing various skin conditions.

  • A larger, 100mm aspheric lens with 2.3 times magnification and excellent optical clarity
  • Ultra-slim aluminium design with an ergonomic rubber grip 
  • Includes bright white light in polarised mode for traditional dermoscopy viewing
  • Includes the choice of three specific UV wave lengths - 365nm, 385nm or 405nm Blue Light
  • Includes a Wood's light mode 
  • 3 x brightness levels that works with all of the 5 lighting modes
  • Includes a magnetic OptiClip 495nm Long-Pass Filter – ideal for enhancing contrast of fluorescent features
  • Includes a magnetic OptiClip 2.5x accessory which boosts magnification by a factor of 2.5.
  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery with USB-C power connection 
  • 4 x charge LEDs to indicate the power level available/state of charge
  • Includes USB to USB-C charge cable
  • Includes protective neoprene pouch
  • Made in the USA
  • 5-year warranty (Batteries carry a 1-year warranty)
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