Entomed SA202 Screening Automatic Audiometer with AudioCups

$3,995.00 (plus $399.50 GST)
SKU: EN-100212-1
By Entomed

Entomed SA202 Screening Automatic Audiometer with AudioCups is either not in stock today and will be backordered, or may ship directly from the manufacturer. Depending on the product, this may take a few days to a few weeks but we will provide an ETA with your order confirmation or you can contact us for more details.


It’s a lightweight screening audiometer that will speed up your testing process with automatic tests and easy transfer of audiograms to a computer. It's a manual / automatic, true two-channel, pure tone, air conduction screening audiometer with full frequency and output range.


  • Frequency range: 125Hz, 250Hz, 500HZ - 6,000HZ, 8,000Hz
  • Robust, reliable and lightweight for easy field-use
  • Memory for up to 50 audiograms
  • Capable of hard-copy printout via PCL 5 or transfer to PC via optional RS232 cable
  • Built-in talk microphone for use with a booth
  • Includes subject response switch
  • includes AudioCups
  • Includes soft carry case
  • Weights only 1.5kg