Rose MicroSolutions 2.5x Mini Surgical TTL Loupes on Black Oakley Flak Frame - Various IPD and Focal Lengths

$1,850.00 (plus $185.00 GST)


Made in the USA, these TTL (Through The Lens) Binocular Surgical Loupes are Incredibly light with fantastic optics on a fashionable frame!


  • 2.5x magnification with high-quality coated optics
  • Provides an 11.4cm Field of View and a 15cm Depth of Field for a wide range of motion
  • Select from a 400mm or 460mm Working Distance
  • Select from an IPD size of 60, 62 or 64mm (use the free GlassesOn iOS or Android app to measure your IPD)
  • Waterproof optics allow for simple cleaning
  • Lightweight, comfortable and durable
  • Mounted on the Black Oakley Flak Frame
  • Includes protective case, headstrap and cloth
  • Includes clip mount for headlight attachment
  • Optional LED headlights and power packs available (Cordless CL2 model recommended to suit the wider field of view these TTL loupes provide)
  • Made in USA

* The working distance and IPD options listed above are the most common versions which we try to keep in stock. All TTL loupes are custom-made in the US, please select CUSTOM in both drop-down options if you would like to order an alternative size and we will contact you for the measurements.